Pentax K20D, people, studio


Pentax K20D + DA 21mm


Getting nailed

Pentax K20D, people, photoshoot, Romania, Voigtlander


Saturday IV

Bucharest, Pentax K100D, Romania, street, Tamron

Just a few more to go.


IMGP5906Two youths on a donorcycle.


Although this last photograph is technically unimpressive, I found the outfit, pose and jaywalking to be very amusing.

Saturday II

Bucharest, Pentax K100D, people, Romania, street, Tamron

Continuing the trend of uninspired titling. Girls!


IMGP5891 All pictures taken with Pentax K100D and Tamron 70-300

Saturday I

Bucharest, Pentax K100D, street, Tamron

Forgive me for the uninspired title.


Two dining tables by the side of the street, nowhere near any restaurant or cafe.


A familiar sight on the streets of Bucharest.