Parting summer

animals, nature, Pentax K20D, Tamron


A small ode to what once was. Taken late September, this was one of this year’s summer days.



nature, Pentax K20D, Romania


Suceava, Christmas Eve 2011

True-to-life white balance

Ponta Delgada

16-45, Pentax K100D, Portugal



Bucharest, Pentax K100D, people, Romania, street, stumbled


Some people just can’t get the hang of pedestrian crossings.


K100D + Tokina 70-210 f/4.5

Back from Portugal! part 2

Home, nature, Pentax K100D, Portugal, stumbled

Continuing the tale of two weeks, here is more insight into the beauty of the island:

EDIT: It seems Windows Live Writer has a hard time making thumbnails. Yay Microsoft.


Sunset over Ribeira Grande, my lover’s home town and one of the nicest places I’ve ever visited. The mist you see in the background is actually water spray from the ocean.



View of the central park of Ribeira Grande.


Town hall and tourist information point, Ribeira Grande.


Seashore on the northern part of the island, São Miguel; Azores.


DUCKS! in the town of Furnas.


20081201-IMGP9204 Leaves floating about in a fountain in the botanical garden, Furnas.



Do you have the guts to walk in the middle of the pond? Botanical garden, Furnas.



Lagoa de Fogo, Azores. A crater lake situated in the middle of the island. One of three crater lakes. The dark blue you see in the background right under the clouds is actually the ocean.


‘Bout it for now.

Will return with part III as soon as I process more pictures. Fingers crossed for a panorama!



Swaying in the wind

Home, nature

This is an older picture I took while up on some hills back in my home town. Quite tricky because of the harsh shadows and powerful gusts of wind. I’m surprised it didn’t come out completely ruined.

There’s also an air of nostalgia to it, since I haven’t been home for a while…

Swaying in the wind – Pentax K100D, Sigma 18-50, ISO 400

I need an adapter for my old lenses!