Corsickle 1

Bucharest, cars, Pentax K20D


Part of a small series of ad-hoc shots, taken in a forest near Bucharest.

All artificial lighting done by handheld flashgun and manual triggering.

Pentax K20D + 21mm Ltd. + Metz 50



Bucharest, nature, Pentax K20D, Voigtlander


A day in Herăstrău.

Ice cold

16-45, food, Home, objects, Pentax K100D


PENTAX K100D, DA 16-45 f/4, SIGMA 500 DG ST

A small series focusing on the timeless charms of the Coca-Cola bottle. 0,25 litre version.

The small print reads “Registered trade mark”

A proper winter

Bucharest, nature, Pentax K100D

I so missed the winters of yesteryear, where you could feel the cold in your bones and traffic was crippled severely because of the sheer amount of snow. Walking has now become the best way to get around town, provided you are well equipped to tackle the wind and temperature. And the overwhelming amounts of snow. I love it.

I forgot to clone out the airborne cable in this shot.









A winter’s tale

Home, street

It seems winter is getting a jump start this year, bypassing autumn altogether. To celebrate the coming of my favourite season, here is one of my favourite winter pictures.

Have a seat? – Praktica MTL5 + Beroflex 135mm f/2.8