Back from Portugal! part 4

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In this update – vistas. I haven’t been able to visit the entire island, unfortunately, but that will change next time I go there.


20081201-IMGP9118 Trademark view of the Azores

East of Ribeira Grande, S. Miguel


20081201-IMGP9302 One of the highest spots on the island (~900m above sea level)

You can see the four corners of the island from this spot. It’s really mesmerizing.


20081201-IMGP9307 Taken from roughly the same spot as the previous picture (just across the road), I really loved the reflection of the clouds. The lights you see are coming from Ponta Delgada, the island’s capital.

Both pictures were taken at dusk, hence the heavy blue tint.



Ribeira Grande, Azores


20081204-IMGP9553 Sunset, as seen from the comfort of my room.

Ribeira Grande, Azores


20081201-IMGP9238 San Jose church.

Lagoa das Furnas, Azores.

Apologies for the highlights, but there was no time to do HDR and I was in a bit of a hurry.


Back from Portugal! part 3

Home, nature, Pentax K100D, Portugal, street

I really have to stay true to my word and carry on. I probably wouldn’t have updated the Portugal series if a fellow Pentax forumer hadn’t reminded me.

In this part of the series, I shall concentrate on showcasing living spaces. I.e. nothing out of the ordinary, just the places where ordinary people carry on with their daily chores.

It was still so incredibly fascinating! Especially because it reminded me of home quite a lot.

Pictures now.

20081130-IMGP9045Some sort of museum, as far as I could make out. Never went in there.

Ribeira Grande, Azores


20081130-IMGP9060RG Skyline. A view of the town on the west side of the river

Ribeira Grande, Azores


20081130-IMGP9106Trees in the Sun. RG park, next to the town hall.

Ribeira Grande, Azores

20081201-IMGP9149I envy this person so much. He had not a care in the world. How could you? When you live in a place like this!

Furnas, Azores

20081201-IMGP9214Bell towers of the Church in Furnas – the most peaceful town in the world, apparently.

Furnas, Azores

20081203-IMGP9364Azure skies over the Azores. Just look at that landscape…

Ribeira Grande, Azores

20081203-IMGP9347Ocean to the left and straight ahead. Above us, only sky.

Ribeira Grande, Azores

     20081204-IMGP9472On my way. The most special person in the world lives just ahead.

Ribeira Grande, Azores


I have more to share, but I’ll save it for next time. That’s a good enough excuse to add another entry to my blog, is it not?

Stay safe and happy shooting!




All pictures taken with Pentax K100D + DA 18-55 f/3.5-5.6