Experiment III

nature, Pentax K20D, photoshoot, studio


Studio strobes; Voigtländer 90mm f/3.5


The Purple Lady

photoshoot, stumbled

Straight after leaving work, I noticed a large mass of people gathering around the Bucharest National Theatre, and I couldn’t help wondering what it was. Thankfully, I had my camera with me.

I didn’t understand what the outdoor modern play meant, but at least I got to some decent pictures. I filled up about 3 GB of PEF.

C&C always welcome. Enjoy, and thanks for looking!

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NAUGHTY PENTAXIAN! :D (with what appeared to be a K10D & DA 40mm Ltd.)

Of course, she wasn’t the only actor on the scene – there was a world of colour all around me.

Attention from the media was ever-present:

I apologize for the rough placement and sizing of the images, but I didn’t want to occupy to much of your screen space.

All images shot with a K100D & Soligor 70-200 & smc PENTAX-FA J 28-80 @ ISO 400/800

Dan :)