Foggy night 2

Bucharest, nature, Pentax K20D, photoshoot



The Fallen

Bucharest, objects, Pentax K20D, Romania


Pentax K20D + smc-A 50mm f/1.7

Bucharest, Romania

An awkward Sunday afternoon

16-45, Bucharest, film, street

_22_0357_-2_fused Pentax ZX-30 + smc-DA 16-45 f/4

Awkward because of the way this film handles different white balance situations. Those are the actual colours captured on film.

The misty forest

nature, Pentax ME, Romania, street



Pentax ME + smc-A 50mm f/1.7

Timișoara, România, ~8 AM

This new year seems to be full of ups and downs for my weblog. Yesterday I showed you one of the most colourful images I’ve ever taken, and now I give you this. The park near the town centre in Timișoara. I went there 3 times last year. 9 hour train trips can get real tiresome.

Snowy day

16-45, Bucharest, nature, Pentax K100D

Sneaky pano taken after an exam. Hehehe…


A winter’s tale

Home, street

It seems winter is getting a jump start this year, bypassing autumn altogether. To celebrate the coming of my favourite season, here is one of my favourite winter pictures.

Have a seat? – Praktica MTL5 + Beroflex 135mm f/2.8

Autumn colours

Bucharest, nature

Took some time out and went to Herăstrău Park, in Bucharest. In retrospect, I probably should have gone somewhere else – it was incredibly crowded!

The weather was OK – not particularly sunny, but warm and only a slight breeze. Using the kit 18-55 and Tokina 70-210 mounted on the K100D.

Also met a fellow photographer with a D80 and 18-200. (:

Girls playing

Fading colours


Twins mucking about

The lake

Better than a flowerbed

Private meadow (actually a golf course)

On a rail

Sunny sunset


Hope they weren’t too boring to look at.