Corsickle 1

Bucharest, cars, Pentax K20D


Part of a small series of ad-hoc shots, taken in a forest near Bucharest.

All artificial lighting done by handheld flashgun and manual triggering.

Pentax K20D + 21mm Ltd. + Metz 50


Idea tree

Bucharest, Pentax ME, street


Or rather, an idea bush.

Calm before the storm

Bucharest, Pentax K20D, Romania


Weather before last night’s storm.

Snow has yet to grace our tarmac.


bicycle, Pentax K100D


Since I can’t ride it because of the weather, at least I can take pictures of it – my 2001 LeMond Buenos Aires

A bit of light painting.

Playing with a light tent


A couple of weeks ago I made myself a DIY tent. It’s really small, but it works for objects of this size:

Baskêt – Pentax K100D + DA 18-55 + Sigma flash