Memories of green

nature, Pentax K20D, Tamron


A lonely picture taken on a very lonely day.



Bucharest, nature, Pentax K100D

It’s raining again.. I’m starting to miss the Sun.

Here are some older pictures I’ve taken half a year ago.



Learning how to expose properly

Bucharest, nature

It seems I still have to learn about proper exposure. Until now it used to have to do with photographic prinicples themselves; now I’m onto compensating between what I see on the back of the camera after I shoot, and the computer screen when I download the pictures.

I always seemed to under-expose the images, even though they looked completely fine on the camera. I have worked around this minor mishap toning down the brightness of the K100D’s display by 1 or two units. Now I see my pictures for what they really are.

A couple I took today right before work. Pentax K100D + Tokina AF 70-210 f/4.5

Although far from perfect, they’re much much much closer to what I was expected to get, judging by what the camera showed me at the back of the LCD.

Only minimal sharpening added (shot @ 210 and wide open, so the images were soft). Contrast, exposure etc. were left untouched.

It seems proper exposure boosts colour output favourably. Who would have thought? :D I feel pretty dumb for not having looked into this sooner.


Bucharest, photoshoot

I’ve named his entry 4463 because this was the 4463rd shot taken with the K100D. I’m quite fond of this one, because it shows the power of this camera/lens combination – superb colours, wonderful bokeh. I’m talking, of course, about my most treasured lens to date – the smc PENTAX-A 50mm f/1.7.

Afternoon rainbows – K100D, A 50mm f/1.7, ISO 400

That, however, does not mean that I cannot achieve wonderful results with lesser lenses. Here is a resize of a completely unmodified photograph, JPEG shot straight out of the camera. I normally only shoot RAW, but I had forgotten to switch back after taking 3 frames for HDR. Anyway, here’s the actual shot:

Folly – K100D, Soligor 70-200 @ 200mm, ISO 400

Duck on acid – K100D, Soligor 70-200 @ 200mm, ISO 400

Here is my first proper attempt at wildlife photography. I’d need a longer, faster lens for this type of work.