Memories of green

nature, Pentax K20D, Tamron


A lonely picture taken on a very lonely day.


Airport Pano

16-45, Pentax K100D, Portugal


Couldn’t think of a title for it

K100D + DA 16-45

Paradise lost II

16-45, nature, Pentax K100D, Portugal


Pentax K100D + DA 16-45

S. Miguel, Azores, Portugal

Paradise lost

16-45, nature, Pentax K100D, Portugal


Panoramic shot taken with K100D + DA 16-45

S. Miguel, Azores, Portugal


16-45, bicycle, k100d, Pentax K100D, street

Just completed the latest upgrades to my bicycle with the addition of a Tres Styler rhythm 50mm handlebar. In green. Colours clash so hard, you’d think I’m colourblind!


Branching out

Bucharest, nature, Pentax K100D, Romania

It rained a whoooole lot last weekend. Couldn’t do anything interesting, so I went out and snapped a few around my neighbourhood. K100D + A 50mm f/1.7

branching out

The happy market

Home, street

Celebrating “Autumn Days” in my home town, every year this special market is created where farmers get to sell their produce. The sight can be quite impressive!

Green conglomerate – Pentax K100D, Tokina AF 70-210, ISO 800