Foggy night 2

Bucharest, nature, Pentax K20D, photoshoot



Herăstrău at night III

Bucharest, Pentax K20D, photoshoot, Romania


Pentax K20D + smc-A 50mm f/1.7

Getting nailed

Pentax K20D, people, photoshoot, Romania, Voigtlander


Raliul Sibiului 2011, etapa a 5-a

cars, events, Pentax K20D, photoshoot, Romania, Sibiu, sports, Tamron


Translation: The Sibiu Rally, 5-th stage. This is from the first event of the rally, a superpecial stage. Captured here is the essence of those two hours – lots of noise, lots of dust, all under the watchful eye of the media.

A girl and her laptop

Bucharest, Pentax K100D, people, Tamron


Getting productive on stone steps