Taint II

objects, Pentax K20D, studio


Pentax K20D + FA-J 28-80


Colour study

16-45, Bucharest, Home, objects, Pentax K100D


I only took this picture because I liked the colour projection of sunlight hitting the poison bottle. The DA 16-45 f/4 is prime-sharp at f/7.1 and below.


16-45, food, Home, objects, Pentax K100D

9 20 or 4 45

PENTAX K100D + DA 16-45 f/4 + SIGMA 500 strobe

Is it 9:20 or 5:45?

Happy Holidays to all! (:

Ice cold

16-45, food, Home, objects, Pentax K100D


PENTAX K100D, DA 16-45 f/4, SIGMA 500 DG ST

A small series focusing on the timeless charms of the Coca-Cola bottle. 0,25 litre version.

The small print reads “Registered trade mark”