Gritty autumn

canon, landscape, Sibiu




16-45, Bucharest, Pentax K20D


Late autumn brings out the best of the park.

Pentax K20D + DA 16-45

Autumn 2

Pentax K20D, people, photoshoot, Romania


Pentax K20D + Tamron 70-300

Floresti, Romania



Pentax K20D, people, photoshoot, Romania, Tamron


Pentax K20D + Tamron 70-300

Florești, Romania


The happy market

Home, street

Celebrating “Autumn Days” in my home town, every year this special market is created where farmers get to sell their produce. The sight can be quite impressive!

Green conglomerate – Pentax K100D, Tokina AF 70-210, ISO 800

This week’s wrap-up

Bucharest, street

Not much chance of getting out because of work and/or bad weather. Here are this week’s pics from the ~1.4 GB of pictures taken (all of them RAW)

Click on the images to enlarge:

First of autumn – Pentax K100D, Tokina AF 70-210, ISO 400

Like two peas… – Pentax K100D, Sigma DC 18-50, ISO 400

Selective discolouration – Pentax K100D, Tokina AF 70-210, ISO 400

Half-baked pooch – Pentax K100D, Tokina AF 70-210, ISO 400

I wish I had more, but that’s about all for now. Toodles!

Thank you for looking :)