Learning how to expose properly

Bucharest, nature

It seems I still have to learn about proper exposure. Until now it used to have to do with photographic prinicples themselves; now I’m onto compensating between what I see on the back of the camera after I shoot, and the computer screen when I download the pictures.

I always seemed to under-expose the images, even though they looked completely fine on the camera. I have worked around this minor mishap toning down the brightness of the K100D’s display by 1 or two units. Now I see my pictures for what they really are.

A couple I took today right before work. Pentax K100D + Tokina AF 70-210 f/4.5

Although far from perfect, they’re much much much closer to what I was expected to get, judging by what the camera showed me at the back of the LCD.

Only minimal sharpening added (shot @ 210 and wide open, so the images were soft). Contrast, exposure etc. were left untouched.

It seems proper exposure boosts colour output favourably. Who would have thought? :D I feel pretty dumb for not having looked into this sooner.


2 thoughts on “Learning how to expose properly

  1. Almost a little abstract with selective lighting. The first two shots do project interesting light. The last shot is a little distracting. However, clever experimentation.

  2. nice pictures. good luck trying to expose properly. i had trouble with my new camera at first too
    i have a pentax film camera & love it!

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